Model ADIGE 2


Display cases made from 5 mm thick clear plexiglass, stainless-steel base and shelf, and featuring double-opening to keep product filling and drawing separate and ensure both hygiene and practical use.
Available in versions with either one or two shelves, standard for just display, or hot for keeping warm.
The hot version, controlled by a luminous current indicator switch, has a 0-40° thermostat and heating tank
POWER  [watt/Hp]   300
POWER SOURCE    230V 50/60 Hz F+N
THERMOSTAT  [°C]   max 40
1ST LEVEL DIMENSIONS  [mm]   480x290
2ST LEVEL DIMENSIONS  [mm]   480x265
A  [mm]   400
B  [mm]   300
C  [mm]   500
D  [mm]   355
E  [mm]   405
NET WEIGHT  [Kg]   10
SHIPPING  [mm]   620x430x450
GROSS WEIGHT  [kg]   14
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Adige 2
Adige 2
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