COMBI - Loreto - Conero



A compact and fast machine for small sized products.
- Easily settable vacuum and sealing time.
- Easily removable sealing bar.
- Busch suction pump.
- Display of vacuum percentage and time
to countdown.
- Last setting can be sa ved in memory.
- Rev counter and pump meter.
- Pump preheating and oil cleaning cycle.
- Change oil message.
- Timed external vacuum.
- Manual cover lift.
- Stainless steel vacuum chamber.

Low temperature cooking device with water static heating.
- Powerful shock-proof coated heating
elements in contact with tank bottom.
- Electronic control system of the temperature with working temperature display.
- Same control system of Softcooker with delta T of 0,2 °C.
· 5 storable programs
· Temperature setting in °C and °F.
· Equipped with lid.
POWER  [watt/Hp]   100+1700
POWER SOURCE    230V/50 Hz
VACUUM PUMP  [mc/h]   4
SEALING BAR  [mm]   260
VACUUM CAVITY  [mm]   270x350x h75
COOKING TRAY  [mm]   280x400x h180
A  [mm]   695
B  [mm]   560
C  [mm]   685
D  [mm]   257
E1  [mm]   340
E2  [mm]   263
F  [mm]   264
G  [mm]   708
NET WEIGHT  [Kg]   45
SHIPPING  [mm]   740x720x320
GROSS WEIGHT  [kg]   48
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Loreto - Conero
Loreto - Conero